BBC Choir Presentation - April 9, 2017


  Here is a montage of photographs from our choir dress rehearsal and performance for this Easter. We hope you will enjoy this brief presentation.

From the sketch on a piece of paper to the finished backdrop, cross set, and tomb, the talents of ladies of Barksdale Baptist Church shown. They gave time and energy to make a sketch become an important part of what Bro. Rob, our music minister, wanted all to know - Jesus loves you.

The music chosen, and the dramatic presentations connected with particular songs, had the same message - Jesus loves you.

Then, all the folks who prepared, brought, and laid out the food for the after-service fellowship showed the spirit of service that Jesus himself demonstrated to us.

Thank you all for all you did to tell others that Jesus loves them.

If you have any questions about Jesus' story, his love for you, or how he can become your personal savior, please contact us through Facebook or our website. We look forward to hearing from you.


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